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Although known for their more traditional style of kitchen, Mereway do have a more modern range called Cucina Colore. Cucina Colore gives you the ultimate in design flexibility through a range of interchangeable cabinet finishes, door colours and handles, all designed to work in complete harmony to help you create your own unique designer kitchen.

Mereway Cucina Colore Image


Price group one, two and three

The Lastra sub-section of the Cucina Colore range focuses on a traditional handle being used for general kitchen functionalities. There are also several colour options in Lastra door form, with six gloss shades and eleven matt shades, meaning that there is opportunity to combine complementing and contrasting colours for a unique kitchen design.

Lastra style doors help bridge the gap between a truly modern handleless kitchen and a traditional handled kitchen. As shown, more modern handles can be combined with the Lastra doors in case a handleless kitchen is not for you, but you still require a contemporary design.

Cucina Colore Lastra Image


Price group one, two and three

The Futura door creates a true handleless look by using an underail that can come in a variety of complementary colours. Aluminium, black gloss, white gloss, grey satin and dark bronze satin underails can be used with either of the eleven matt shades that are available in the Futura sub-section.

Thick, chunky underails ensure that there is enough space between the worktop and top of the door to easily access cupboards and storage. With the Futura doors appliances can still be undermounted and integrated to leave a clean and modern kitchen space.

Futura Cucina Colore Handle Image


Price group three

The Segreto door may look handleless to the naked eye, however built into the top of the door is a ‘J’ shaped handle. This handle style offers enough leverage for a hand to open a door as easily as if it were a traditional handle. As opposed to a Futura door there is no need for a handrail and therefore the door will appear as though it has a handrail the exact colour of your chosen door.

Popular for its neutral gloss tones, Segreto doors come in a range of six gloss colours and eleven matt colours including striking shades like Tyrolean blue and aubergine.

Cucina Colore Segreto Image

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