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With the latest Bora invention: The Bora Pure set to launch in the coming months, we’re having a look at some of the features of one of the most innovative hobs on the market.

The first obvious alteration from the most recent release the Bora Basic, is the interchangeable air inlet nozzle, or as Bora have named it the Pued. The interchangeable Pueds allow the Bora Pura to become the trademark of your kitchen, with the option of a black, rose gold, red, jade green, orange or blue Pued, there is a shade to complement any kitchen. As well as the Pued, Bora have also introduced the new sControl to the Pure hob. sControl incorporates a unique slider that uses upward and downward movement or even simple pressure to control all the important controls you need, whilst automatic extractor control will adjust ventilation as you cook.

The Pure also hosts all the features you would expect from Bora, such as minimal volume, easy to clean parts, eSwap filter change technology, four oversized cooking areas and ultra-slim design, increasing storage space below.

To discuss more about incorporating the Bora Pure into your new kitchen, request an appointment.

The Bora Pure Image

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