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Since the launch of the first Bora, the Bora professional in 2006, Bora have been one of the most innovative companies in the kitchen industry. Now with five intricately designed and manufactured products the popularity of Bora cooktop extractors in UK kitchens has soared. With cooktop extractors their only product and passion, with Bora you receive a completely specialised product with more useful features than a traditional hob and hood setup.

Following the release of the Bora Pure earlier in 2019 and the success following its launch, Bora have announced that the new Bora X Pure is set to be released and ready to order from spring 2020. With that news we have collected all the facts and figures should you wish to look into a venting hob for your next renovation.



The perhaps most popular feature of any Bora cooktop extractor is the minimalistic design and the X Pure is no different. While also removing the need for an overhead extractor, the X Pure can be completely flush fitted, meaning is can be fully integrated into the worktop. The perfectly straight lines of the X Pure means that it can be seamlessly fitted into any kitchen while helping to continue an ultra-modern feel. Minimal lighting when inoperative lets the X Pure blend in with the rest of the kitchen and when in use scaled down intelligent lighting creates a calming cooking experience.

The X Pure however is not just a cooktop extractor that is designed to look attractive, after all, powerful and functional performance is what has made the Bora winners of a host awards across the continent. An oversized cooking area is another alluring feature that will excite keen chefs, with the potential to fit five large pans, still with room for milk pans or other small cookware. For keen cooks the low installations height also allows for more room in units or drawers below, with a minimal 200mm installation height when fitted with integrated recirculation.

With such a powerful extraction system it is often wondered how it is possible to keen a cooktop extractor clean, especially when set to recirculation mode. We have all had the unfortunate experience of trying to clean greasy residue from an overhead hood, so with the new X Pure Bora have sought to make cleaning the cooktop extractor as easy as possible. Similar to the Pure and Basic models the X Pure allows the easy removal of all parts that come into contact with cooking vapour through the wide inlet opening. The removed parts can then be safely cleaned in a dishwasher where even then they take up little space. In recirculation mode odours are eliminated through a highly efficient activated charcoal filter. Filters can then be removed and replaced through the air inlet aperture for ease of access and efficient maintenance.

One of the most impressive features from the Bora Pure is also featuring in the new X Pure. The intuitive sControl system with its unique vertical slider allows all important controls to be just a touch or slide away with an increase or decrease in section being controlled by sensitive touch technology. An impressive feature that it not equipped to the original Pure is the variable heat retention function. This feature allows the choice of three different heat retention levels to be selected based on the type of food you are cooking and the way in which you are cooking, allowing heat to be retained at an even temperature without the threat of burning.

The X Pure is available in recirculation mode or exhaust mode meaning the extra sized hob is a possibility in even smaller sized kitchens. The recirculation mode keeps all extracted air within the system but recirculates through a powerful active charcoal filter allowing for a smaller system to be fitted in the kitchen without compromising on air quality or significant space. The X Pure can also be fitted with an exhaust system which removes the need for a recirculation unit and removes any food contacted vapour to the outside of a property.



The range of Bora cooktop extractors are only available through selected independent retail partners and not through high street retailers. For a complementary demonstration of a Bora cooktop extractor please contact one of our showrooms in advance or view the full range of Bora cooktop extractors via the links on our designated Bora page. If you would like to incorporate the new X Pure into your new kitchen, please use the appointment form below to request a free design consultation appointment.

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